3.5 Time Outs: Girl Topics

Thanks once again to our host Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy, who is just going to have to shut his eyes, or else pretend he’s a mom-blogger.  Why isn’t there a vast network of dad-bloggers?  Because what exactly is the guy equivalent of these topics below?

We're still cleaning up after the party here. Click for links to the responsible people.


The  in-laws called to find out why I’d posted a link to the Baby Name Wizard in Facebook.  Was there something they should know?  Yes.  My nine-year-old had to write a piece of historical fiction as part of her Caddie Woodlawn literature study.  She picked depression-era.  I pointed her to the name wizard because I had this sneaking feeling “Kaitlyn” wasn’t such a period name.   She’s found her new tool.  Those graphs.  They are addictive.


Take, read.  Betty Beguiles has a free e-booklet out: Dressing with Intention.  I completely 100% recommend it.  Excellent advice for building a workable wardrobe that you can afford.  Accountant-approved.   Short, readable, encouraging, spot-on absolutely right.  You cannot get better than that.   Stop now and click the link, then come back later to finish here.


My friend Sandra sent me these pics:


She’s thinking of sewing her wedding dress along these lines.  Is that not seriously cool?  I told her to do it.  No question. She has serious Jane-power going on, so it will be fabulous.

(Do you understand how relieved I am when I learn that someone I really like is also a Jane Austen fan?  I mean, yes, I have a couple very dear friends who don’t get the Jane-thing, and we adapt and focus on our common ground.  But see, this is why there are more mom-bloggers.  Because we can talk not just about Jane Austen, but about dressing like Jane Austen, and how our friendships are affected by Jane Austen . . . you begin to see.  Football is not the same.  Not.)


Not always, but sometimes, when your daughter is in the Pit of Oppression over things that she can’t control and really are upsetting, even though no one else seems to understand that, but being nine is Not As Easy As People Say, the best thing is to put the littles to bed, pop a giant pot of popcorn, fire up the DVD player and watch



10 thoughts on “3.5 Time Outs: Girl Topics

  1. I knew I liked you. :-).

    My husband wonders what it is girls talk about at “girls night out”,and why we would need such a thing. This is why. I don’t think men sit around talking about Jane.

  2. There are male versions. We try at Catholic Dads, honestly I have been bad and neglecting my posting there.

    Moms just dont read us, they are too busy talking about Jane Austen and Denim jumpers.

    • Joseph — what’s the link for Catholic Dads? I’m *pretty sure* the male equivalent to Jane is The Godfather, judging by the many posts I’ve seen that have hit that theme lately. But I want to verify. :-).

      PS Denim Jumpers are so turn-of-the-millennium. And even the Pants Issue is getting a little old, though it won’t quite die. We need a new fashion controversy to put Pants to rest.

  3. Yup, guilty as charged! Don’t get me started on “You Know You’re a Habitual Costumer When…” and don’t be surprised if I start asking you for your girl’s measurements… or if I just show up with Jane Austin dresses one day. It’ll all be your fault anyways ;0)

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